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Image by Christoph Schmid

Personal Protection

If you desire a highly trained personal protection dog, we offer mutiple options to meet your goals whether it be in a law enforcement setting, private security, and even domestic personal protection.

Training Options

  • Option 1 – Client comes to us with their dog and we train. Our master trainer will evaluate your dog’s characteristics such as drive, temperament, confidence, age and overall health to confirm they are well suited for the job.

  • Option 2 – We purchase a green dog (a dog that is younger and has received no formal training) that’s carefully selected to match our Client’s needs. A specialized training program is designed and implemented.

  • Option 3 – Client purchases a pre-trained K9 from ACDT Academy. Expert K9 Handler training is provided to the Client to become proficient in all the commands and skills needed to fully benefit from their new personal protection dog.

We also offer 3 different levels of Personal Protection training


  • Passed extensive health check

  • Alert on Command

  • Be Quiet on Command

  • Release and Guard on Command

  • Pursue and Apprehend

  • Advance off leash Obedience

  • Exposed to a variety of environments

  • Acclimated to living in home setting

  • Bite and Hold

  • Delivered to your home with 2 day handler course


  • All Level One training, PLUS:

  • Perimeter search

  • Defend handler in vehicle


  • All Level Two training, PLUS:

  • Perform interior search

  • Perform a security check for persons

  • Ability to direct K-9 to alternate attacker

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