In addition to obedience, and training professional working dogs, we also offer IPO Schutzund training.

IPO is a three-part sport which includes tracking, obedience and protection phases – the dog must pass all three phases in the trial in order to be awarded that level of recognition. There are three levels of IPO that can be achieved, IPO I, II, & III. There is an initial title/test you must get before you can compete in IPO for obedience and temperament called the Begelithund, more commonly referred to as the BH test.

To succeed in the protection aspect of the sport, the successful IPO candidate must possess a basic level of instinctual drives, solid nerves, desire, and willingness to perform the work with their handler.  Most who compete in it have no need for creating a personal protection dog.  We do not want and of our dogs to feel angry or defensive when working in the sport of protection. As with the basis of all our protection training, it should be a difficult but rewarding game, that ends up building the bond, trust and confidence in the dog/handler team. 


Ifj you are interested in training and competing in IPO please reach out to us!