If your dog has problems listening or following commands, we can help! At ACDT, we can help your dog become a well-behaved member of the family. We offer dog obedience classes where our expert trainers will give you the dog training tools you need to teach your dog to sit, stay, lie down, and more! ACDT has various levels of training to fit your dog’s needs, so browse our website to learn more about the dog obedience classes we offer and sign up to reserve your spot today!

While you probably want your dog to learn some fun tricks like fetching or shaking hands, there are a few tricks that you may want to have in your pocket, as they may come in handy in the long run. In today’s post, we will take a look at five tricks that are essential for your dog to learn, and if you struggle with teaching your pup new tricks, contact ACDT and enlist the help of our professional dog trainers today!


This may seem like an obvious trick to learn, but it may come in handy more often than you think, especially if you have a dog that likes to know what you’re doing at all times. When the “sit” command is used, dogs know that they have to stay seated until they are told that they can get up. Using this command is especially useful for nosey pups with a desire to explore, or on trips where you need your fluffball to be patient while you open or close the car door.

Leave It

The “leave it” command may be one of the more underused commands, however, if you have a dog that likes to taste-test everything that he or she sees, this command could be lifesaving. Your favorite furball may not always have the willpower to ignore a tasty morsel that is sitting unattended, or an object in the yard that looks perfect for chewing. In most cases, these objects aren’t harmful, but on the off-chance that they are, you want your dog to know the “leave it” command.

Lie Down

A command like “lie down,” is great to have in your back pocket if you have a dog that sometimes gets out of control. In high-energy settings like new settings or the dog park, your dog may become a little rambunctious. A little energy isn’t a bad thing, but if your dog is in a situation where his or her energy could start a fight with other dogs or someone could get hurt, you need to be able to calm your dog quickly. The “lie down” command places your dog in a vulnerable position, giving him or her the chance to relax and calm down.


The “stay” command is more of an emergency brake for the “sit” and “lie down” commands than anything else. When given these commands, your dog should automatically know to stay until he or she is told otherwise, however, the “stay” command gives you peace of mind knowing that Fido isn’t going to move even if you’re out of sight. This command is especially useful if you live in a busy city. If you’re walking your dog and you come to a street with heavy traffic, you can tell your pup to stay and know that he or she won’t move until you say so.


Knowing the command “come,” has numerous obvious benefits. If you take your dog to an area where he or she will have numerous things to explore, it’s important to know that he or she will come back to you when they are called. To reinforce this command and guarantee a quick response, you can try rewarding your pup with the best treats he or she can imagine, such as a piece of chicken, liver, or another doggie favorite.


These tricks might seem simple, but perfecting them to the point where Fido listens the very first time can be a difficult road. If you’re struggling with perfecting these five important commands, ACDT can help! We offer dog training classes where your pooch will learn these tricks and more! We will also provide you with the dog training tools you need to perfect your dog’s new skills outside of class. Browser our dog training classes to find a class that is right for your pup and contact ACDT to reserve your spot today!