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When it comes to training your dog, you want all the best tools and tips in your arsenal. Using clickers is a great way to teach your dog some new tricks, which is why today’s blog is dedicated to the art of clicker training. Continue reading more to learn how you can use this easy training method with your dog!

What is Clicker Training?

If you’ve worked with training dogs in the past, you know that they respond best to positive reinforcement. However, treats or affection might not always be effective in getting the results you crave. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to tell your pup the exact trick that he or she got right, or is there?

Clicker training was developed by marine mammal trainers, however, instead of using clickers, they used whistles that could be heard underwater. Marine mammal trainers used the whistle to tell dolphins, or another marine mammal, that whatever they did at the time the whistle was blown, was correct. For example, say a trainer wants a dolphin to perform a high jump. If they waited until after the trick was performed, the dolphin would have no idea which part was correct – it could have been anything from the splash to the quick return. By using the whistle, the trainer can mark the exact moment that the trick was performed correctly, so the dolphin will know that it was the high jump that earned the reward.

How Does This Relate to My Dog?

Using a clicker works the same way with dogs as the whistle works with marine mammals. If you want your dog to complete a specific trick, you can use the clicker to show him or her the exact moment that he or she completed the trick correctly.

An example of this would be if you were trying to teach your dog to pick up his or her toys and put them away. You might start by playing a simple game of fetch, but instead of bringing the toy back to you, you want your dog to drop it in the basket. To complete this trick, you might stand behind the basket, and instead of dropping the toy at your feet, your pup might drop it in or next to the basket. As soon as this happens you want to hit the clicker so that your dog knows that dropping the toy near the basket is what earned him or her the reward.

The clicker method also works if you are trying to teach your fuzzball to sit and he or she has a habit of popping right back up right after sitting down. Instead of fumbling to get a reward before your dog stands again, you just click the clicker and your dog will know that he or she did something right.


If you need help teaching your dog even the simplest tricks, call ACDT. Our experienced trainers have the dog training tools to guide you in teaching your dog to sit, to lay down, and to even stop barking at the mailman. Whether you need to teach your dog some manners or you’re just looking for some help in breaking your pup’s bad habits, ACDT can help. Browse our list of available classes then contact us to reserve your spot!