Adding a dog to your family is an exciting experience, but there are a lot of things you need to consider before you bring your new furball home. Food, toys, training, and even the type of dog are all important decisions you need to make. In today’s blog, we will discuss how to choose the right dog for your home and lifestyle.

Another important decision you need to make is how you will train your dog. If you’ve never trained a dog before, you may find the experience challenging and frustrating at times. Luckily, if you’re in the Medford area, ACDT can help! We offer a variety of professional dog training courses ranging from puppy training to basic dog training. No matter what type of training you need, our experts at ACDT are here to help. Check out our dog obedience classes, and give us a call to sign up today!

Finding a Dog to Fit Your Lifestyle

When you get a dog, it’s important to consider how he or she will fit into your home and lifestyle. There are numerous breeds of dogs, and each breed has its own personalities that you will need to take into consideration. One dog may be high energy and need to go on a lot of walks, while another dog may be content sleeping all day. Energy is just one aspect you need to think about when choosing the type of dog you want to adopt. Below, we’ve listed a few other elements that can help you determine the breed of dog that is right for you and your lifestyle.

Time and Energy

As we mentioned above, your dog’s energy could greatly impact the type of dog you choose to adopt. Before you go out and adopt the first cute puppy that you see, you need to consider how much time you have available to devote to your new furry pal. Do you have a full-time job that takes up most of your time, or do you have flexible hours and work from home? A dog that has high energy will need to go for walks multiple times a day to dispel some of that energy. If you have a job where you’re gone for most of the day and can’t find time to take your dog for a walk, you may want to consider adopting a breed that is known for being less high energy. On the other hand, if you are someone who spends a lot of time outside hiking or going for walks, a dog with a lot of energy might be just what you need!


Because you will be bringing a dog into your home, you have to consider how much space you have available. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t like a piece of furniture that you can stick in the corner. Your new pup will need space to roam around, play, and sleep. Luckily, dogs come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that even if you live in a small apartment, you can find a dog that will live comfortably in a smaller space.

In addition to the space you have inside your home, you also need to take into consideration the space you have available outside your home. Keep in mind that dogs need space outside to get some fresh air and do their business. Do you have a fenced-in backyard? Is there a park nearby? Before you get your furball, be sure you have an idea where he or she can go to enjoy the great outdoors.

Your Lifestyle

In addition to your dog’s energy levels and the amount of space in your home, another big consideration is your lifestyle. Different breeds will fit better with different lifestyles. If you are someone who lives a very active lifestyle, you may want to look for a dog that will enjoy coming with you on adventures and explorations. If you are someone who spends most weekends curled up in a blanket watching movies, a dog that needs to be walked or wants to play all the time may not be the best fit for your lifestyle.


In addition to what we mentioned above, another thing you have to consider is training. In a previous blog, we mentioned why it’s important to train your pup, but if you’re finding the task difficult or frustrating, ACDT can help! Our professional dog trainers can provide you with the skills to teach your dog to be a well-behaved member of the family. We offer a variety of dog obedience classes to get you started on the right paw. Check out our classes, and contact ACDT to sign up today!