At ACDT, we are a premier Police K9 and Personal Protection Dog Training Solutions Provider. Our K9 training solutions are practical, implementable, and effective for personal or professional environments. All of the services and dog training courses we offer can be customized to meet our clients’ diverse specifications.

Our Advanced Training and K9 Program is built around the reputation of our founder, Perry Parks. He is an expert at designing effective, strategic, and tactical K9 protection programs for a wide range of clients from private citizens to large institutions. His solutions include tangible metrics to measure effectiveness.

If you desire a highly trained K9, we offer three options to meet your goals:

Option One:

You bring your dog to our facility, we provide the training, and our master trainer will evaluate your dog. Characteristics such as drive, temperament, confidence, age, and overall health are part of the evaluation.

Option Two:

We purchase a “green,” or inexperienced dog, that’s carefully selected to match your needs. Our experts will then design and implement a specialized training program.

Option Three:

You purchase a custom, pre-trained K9 from ACDT Academy. We will provide you with expert K9 handler training to become proficient in this skill set.

Police K-9 Training Services

  • Police K9 certification
  • Personal protection/criminal apprehension
  • Nose work / single-purpose narcotic, bomb, cell phone, alcohol, tracking, trailing, and article training
  • Dual-purpose patrol with narcotic or bomb training
  • K9 handler course training

Personal or Executive Protection Services

Level One Training

  • Passed extensive health check
  • Alert on command
  • Be quiet on command
  • Release and guard on command
  • Pursue and apprehend
  • Advanced off-leash obedience
  • Exposed to a variety of environments
  • Acclimated to living in a home setting
  • Bite and hold
  • Delivered to your home with a two-day handler course

Level Two Training

All Level One Training, PLUS:

  • Perimeter search
  • Defend handler in vehicle

Level Three Training

All Level Two Training, PLUS:

  • Perform interior search
  • Perform a security check for persons
  • Ability to direct K9 to alternate attacker

Contact Us to set up an appointment or to learn more about the K9 training classes that we offer.